Hi, I am Markus Allen

When I am not spending time with my wife and two sons, I write and podcast here every day…. even on weekends and holidays.

This is not your typical site.

Because no topic is taboo.

I have no filter.

And as a result, I observe stuff that is politically incorrect. (You have been warned.)

This is my full-time gig.

Time is on my side, too.

Because I eliminate distractions from life.

I protest the culture creation industry as it contaminates society.

As a result, I have not been to a movie theater in decades.

I turned off my television years ago.

And I no longer listen to music.

I even threw out my entire library of books.

And nope – I do not even own a smartphone.

As a result, I have lots of time to ponder… to ask… to think about things.

The mission of this site is simple…

I am always searching for the real truth about life.

Think of TruthIn7Minutes.com has life’s best practices.

And I want to take this truth and use it to live a FANTASTIC existence.

We all know there is something wrong about life, but do not know exactly what it is.

I track down the real truth about life.

And then I blog and podcast about it every day.

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