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29 reasons I appreciate living in the United States

It is easy to watch the news and get depressed about what is happening in our world.

But once we turn off the news, America offers an endless bounty of things to appreciate.

Here are 29 things I LOVE about living in the United States:


FREE Bathrooms everywhere

Just 25 years ago, it was hard to find a bathroom while traveling.

But these days, bathrooms are almost everywhere. And there is no charge to use ’em.


Easy banking

We can walk into a bank…

About 10 minutes later, we secure an account…

A few days later, an ATM card shows up in our mailbox.

And withdrawing cash is almost too convenient… there are cash machines minutes away from within any location in the United States.


Super-quick fire departments

Firemen spoil us. Because these (mostly) volunteer heroes rush to help us from car crashes and burning buildings.


A bounty of free stuff at public libraries

There are hundreds of free things to do at our public libraries.

Here are a sampling of the many hidden benefits libraries offer:

  • Watch real movies FREE
  • Get free passes to premium events (like museums, historic areas, tours – even baseball games)
  • Have items delivered to you if you are homebound
  • Download ebooks and audiobooks from anywhere
  • Borrow a Kill-A-Watt monitor and save on electric bills
  • Trace your family tree
  • Borrow a potty training kit to share with your child
  • Get detailed specs, diagrams, and manuals for more than 34,000 vehicles
  • Take a free yoga class
  • Hear an author speak about his or her latest book
  • Access FREE computer training

Freedom to travel anywhere

Every day, I jump into my car (or sometimes a plane or train) and go anywhere I want. No permission needed.


Convenience stores

I can usually get what I need when emergencies arise… even at 3 in the morning during a holiday.

And 24/7 store hours all but ends the possibility long gas lines.


Reliable cars

Americans have access to hundreds of affordable and reliable car models.

And today’s cars last longer. This is why we do not see hitchhikers anymore.


Freedom of speech

I can still say what is on my mind without penalty (as long as I am respectful about it).


Generous people

The average American donates $2,974 every year.

Here in the States, if something bad happens, most people rush to help us out.


Relatively safe

The media hides this information from Americans:

That is, the crime rate is at all-time lows.


Abundant transportation

Travel anywhere fast – affordable for just about any budget.


Convenient infrastructure

Almost 100% of Americans have indoor plumbing and heating systems.

A large majority own dishwashers, refrigeration and air conditioning.


Abundant varieties

For example, Americans can choose from 12 different extra-virgin olive oils at Wegmans.

Specialty grocers like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s offer huge varieties of foods to buy.

In fact, the average American supermarket offers over 47,000 products.


License-free baby making

It is one of the last activities in America you do not need a permit for.


Steady dollar

The purchasing power in America is strong…

Read my entire post about the inflation myth here.


Great infrastructure

I travel more than 50,000 miles in my car each year…

And I almost aways see great roads, sidewalks, water runoffs – even rest stops.


Astonishing natural parks

The National Park System oversees 407 areas covering more than 84 million acres in every state.


Cheapest gas

The USA offers the lowest-priced gas amongst the most economically advanced countries.


Abundant wifi access

By the year 2018, there will be 1 hotspot for every 4 people here in the States.


Free air conditioning everywhere

Cool off at malls, libraries and public areas.


Affordable housing

The United States always ranks tops offering the most affordable cities:


Thrift stores

Where else can you find never-worn fashions for pennies on the dollar?

(Only in America!)


Endless water choices

Choose amongst dozens and dozens of types of water from any store.


Goodbye smelly, dirty and expensive taxis.

Say hello to clean and friendly ride-sharing services.


Numerous historic towns to visit (free)

Choose amongst tens of thousands of small-town getaways.


Restaurant health inspections

Sure. There is some corruption…

But most health inspectors watch out for us.

And they help keep eateries honest.


Tolerance for all types of people

America is truly the great melting pot.

No matter what the news exaggerates, most people here in the States get along well with people of all shapes, types and colors.


No-smoking zones

It is nice to dine without a cloud of cigarette smoke hovering above our head.


Free refills

Get unlimited soda and water fillups just for the asking.


Screened windows

Open your window in Europe and watch the bugs and birds fly in.


Pooper scoopers

By law, dog owners clean up after their dog.



A click of just one mouse button connects us to anyone in the world over the Internet.


Shaven women

Enough said.


Endless entertainment options

We are home to New York City and Hollywood.

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