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Is there such a thing as a you break it, you buy it law?

There is no legal statute on the books declaring, “You break it, you buy it” (at least here in the States)…

Also known as the “Pottery Barn Rule”…

When we enter a store, there is no valid, legal contract based on exchange or value.

The law calls this “consideration”…

And there is nothing we get in return for the “you break it, you buy it” agreement.

On the flip side, a retail store could file a negligence claim.

This type of law varies state to state… country to country.

Even if we break it and the store presses charges, we do not have to pay full retail price.

In negligence cases, courts have us reimburse the wholesale price.

I recently spoke to the manager of a retail kitchen store that sells glassware.

She told me accidents happen less than you would think…

And they typically do not hold their customers liable for it (unless it was on purpose).

My rule of thumb is simple:

If a store has an “if you break it, you buy it” sign displayed, we do not go into the store. This is just asking for trouble.

And if someone in my family accidentally breaks something, I immediately bring it to the attention of the manager.

We have never had to pay for anything broken in my entire life (and it has happened a few times).

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