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Is the Canon 80D digital camera worth buying for $1,349?

A little over a month from now, I will be vlogging daily. (Stay tuned here for an announcement).

And while I am a good storyteller, my video efforts are average.

Yet my videos will look as if they were shot by professionals in the moviemaking business.

And I have no film crew – everything is shot by me.

So how will I pull it off?

My stellar movies are shot on the just-released Canon EOS 80D.

There are tons of glowing reviews found on the Internets…

And you can trust me when I say this newly released DSLR is worth every penny.

The 80D is filled to the brim with technology and solid picture capabilities…

My 5 favorite benefits of the Canon 80D are:

The display screen
Finally, a camera company mixes a great camera with a “smartphone-like” screen. Pinch, swipe and zoom just like we do with our phones…

Solid point and focus
There are 45 autofocus points on the display screen – just point with your finger and the 80D quickly, yet smoothly focuses like the pros do – automatically…

Built-in Wi-Fi
Transfer your pictures and movies wirelessly to your smartphone, computer – even popular social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter…

Full, high-definition 60p captures
Make super slow-motion videos as good as the best movie makers in Hollywood…

Vari-angle Touch Screen 3.0-inch Clear View LCD II monitor
The 80D’s viewfinder swings out to the side (or flips out in front of the camera) – great for taking selfies and vlogging.

You can buy this brand new Canon EOS 80D at Amazon’s lowest price here – even get same day shipping in some areas.

The 80D lacks built-in GPS, but that is okay because this geotagging device also includes a remote shutter bundled together for one low price.

If you intend to zoom in on far away objects, the optional Canon telephoto lens is not worth the extra $600. Instead, professionals recommend buying this Sigma zoom lens instead.

Finally, some are complaining that the Canon 80D lacks 4k video recording. But for me, this is a nonissue because the slightly higher resolution bloats the file size. In simple speak, 4k video is overkill anyway.

Also, camera companies continue to suck at documentation. And Canon is no exception. Their 80D manual is flat out confusing…

The good news for us is that Tony Northrup put out one of the best camera tutorials I have ever seen here on the Canon EOS 80D:

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