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How to hire a car buying service to get great cars cheaper

UPDATE: I no longer recommend using a car buying service. I just found out they often get kickbacks from car dealerships. This means we are not getting the lowest price for a new car. Instead, I recommend reading this article I just published about buying (or leasing) a new car using email to save at least 20% off.

We all know buying a car is stressful and time consuming.

So much is at stake:

Pay too much and you feel ripped off and embarrassed. Plus, we do not want to admit to our friends and family that we got a bad deal.

And buying a car is a huge waste of time – most spend up to 6 hours in a dealer’s showroom.

And we fret, “Is my credit good enough to get me a car at a good rate?”

All this worry and hassle leads to stress and misery.

If you hate the idea of negotiating with a dealer to buy a new car, a car-buying service is often a savvier, money-saving solution for you.

Or even if you are capable of negotiating a good deal, but would rather not deal with the hassles – a trusted car buying service might be for you.

What are the benefits and advantages of buying a car with a broker?

A growing number of car buyers are finding out that a car buying service is faster, easier and less expensive than traditional car buying.

Here are the top benefits and advantages of using a car buying service:


You get the exact car you are looking to buy in about 15 minutes.

Car buying services take your request and start their searching right away for you.

When they find a match that fits your exact specifications, they bring the car to you for an extended test drive.

And if that car does not exist, they present you with a second-best option.

A trusted adviser at no extra cost

Car buying services advise you on any make and model car – new or used, lease or buy.

Their information is unbiased since they work for you, not the dealership. They give you the pros and cons of any car with your best interest in mind.

And since everything is handled by the car buying service, it is virtually impossible to make car buying mistakes.

No Pressure

Honest brokers work for you, not for the dealership.

As a result, there are no shady sales schemes to get caught up in.

And there is no pressure to buy.

So if you are days, weeks, or even months away from your next purchase, they work at your pace to get the car you want – when you want it.

Astonishingly low prices

You will almost always get the best price on your car with a reputable car buying service.

Brokers negotiate lower prices on your behalf. They know all the way car dealerships make money. And most times, they beat the lowest prices we can find on our own by thousands of dollars.

Brokers also check local banks and credit unions to help find the lowest interest rate for you (if you are financing).

They also have their pulse on the markets and often know of unique opportunities to get you more car for your money.

In other words, if you are a payment buyer, and you are looking for a small SUV for around $350 a month, which puts you in a $25,000 car, the broker may find you a $40,000 car that leases for the same payment.

If you are a cash buyer, you are going to save even more money.

How do car-buying services work?

Car buying services (a.k.a. car buying concierges or car buying brokers) handle all aspects of the sale for you.

First, you contact a reputable car buying service…

Fill out a short questionnaire with your contact information and the car you are looking to take delivery on…

Next, the car is driven to you so you can test drive it (there are some exceptions)…

If you are trading in a car, they will “shop” it to dealers and wholesalers to help you get the most money for your trade.

Next, the broker negotiates behind the scenes on your behalf. You are contacted with the best deal, the best incentives, the best rebates – even freebies (like free floor mats).

Finally, you are offered several financing options to get you the best possible interest rate.

Car buying services make buying a car is as easy as ordering takeout.

How do we find the best car-buying service?

Dishonest brokers offer their services free, because they get paid a commission by the car dealer.

In fact, dishonest brokers are really just thinly-disguised salespeople…

They give the impression that they are working for us. But the reality is they work for “them.”

A reputable car buying service always works for us, not the dealership.

They do not get secret-handshake commissions from car dealers.

I only work with car buying services that make all their money as a fee from us. They get zero dollars from car dealerships. This way, their loyalty is with us only.

Reputable car-buying services find you the absolute best price and split the savings with you.

Most concierges and brokers are ex- car salespeople. And they know every single aspect of how dealerships make money.

This is why reputable car buying services often save us thousands of dollars compared to negotiating ourselves. They know all the money-saving opportunities.


Here are the most common questions asked when buying a car via a car buying concierge or broker:

What kind of car can I buy?

Car buying services offer the same inventory found at your local car dealer…

You can buy a new car, lease it – even get a used car.

Are there any credit requirements?

Yes, there are.

This is the only “catch”…

You must have reasonably good credit, cash or your own pre-approved financing (e.g. from a credit union).

Even those with poor credit win with trusted car-buying services. They make sure you get the best rate for your credit score while protecting you against being exploited.

How are trade ins handled?

Legitimate car concierges and brokers work with many used car buyers.

Unlike car dealers that offer just one trade-in price, concierges and brokers work with many used-car buyers.

They shop your trade in for the highest price.

What if I do not like my new car?

Buying a new car through a legitimate concierge or broker protects you at all times…

You must be 100% satisfied with the deal. If not, the broker finds you another arrangement at no additional cost.

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