Top 10 cars featured at this year’s 2017 Philadelphia Auto Show

As you know, I think new cars are a fantastic invention… so much so I sell advice on how to get ’em on the cheap.

In particular, I am looking to get a closeup view of this new Infiniti QX50 – it has the option to drive itself: The new QX50 was a no show… here is what it looks like:

infiniti qx sport inspiration concept

One coup on my radar screen is the new 2017 BMW 235i:

2017 bmw 2 series

The 2017 Ford Mustang GT is getting rave reviews from the press:

2017 ford mustang gt

The Infiniti Q50 Red Sport not only looks great, but it is a surprisingly affordable car to lease:

Q50 Red Sport

For the classic American sports car, this 2017 Chevrolet Camaro might fit the bill:

2017 chevrolet camaro

This 2017 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring small crossover is well anticipated:


Dollar for dollar, The Toyota RAV4 Limited is my favorite allaround car available:

2017 Toyota RAV4 Limited

And the 2017 Infiniti QX60 got a refresh – a way better infotainment center stack and more power in its engine:

2017 Infiniti QX60

The following cars lease well and hold their value well, too:

2017 Chevy Silverado 1500

2017 Chevy Silverado 1500

2017 GMC Yukon Denali

2017 GMC Yukon Denali

2017 Honda Pilot

2017 Honda Pilot

2017 Jaguar XE (imagine that, a Jag that holds its value… good to see)

2017 Jaguar XE

2017 Jeep Cherokee Unlimited Sahara (I am normally not a fan of Jeeps, but this impressed me)

2017 Jeep Cherokee Unlimited Sahara

2017 Jeep Cherokee Limited

2017 Jeep Cherokee Limited

2017 Toyota Highlander Limited Platinum

2017 Toyota Highlander Limited Platinum

2017 Lexus -RX-350 F-Sport (SWEET SWEET car)

2017 Lexus -RX-350 F-Sport

And if money is no object, just get this:

2017 Mercedes Benz GLE Class

2017  Mercedes Benz GLE Class

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How to get the best deal on a new car at a dealership (without haggling)

If you are ready to lease a new car at a dealership and HATE the entire process, I have great news for you…

UPDATE: I just interviewed Kim Chelesvig… she was one of my first clients back in December. Just 13 days later, she got this AMAZING $46,815.00 2017 Infiniti Q50 Premium Plus for an obscenely low $325 monthly (all taxes included)…

I interviewed her on a Google Hangout about her new car. It is very raw. The good part starts about 4 minutes in:

Here is a copy of Kim’s new lease agreement:

lease agreement

This is a true sign and drive lease…

Kim’s first month payment of $325 plus $180 for registration tags is $505. After that, she pays $325 a month for 38 more months.

Even the interest rate is virtually zero on this lease… the “Rent Charge’ is just $70.44. On similar leases, the Rent Charge would be thousands of dollars.

The Gross Capitalized Cost is $36,660. When we divide that into the MSRP “sticker price”, Kim saved a whopping 22% of the price of the car. (Most people who lease never think to ask for a lower price.)

Click here to get access to my KTL USA At-Home Leasing System… (and use the gift code: KTLHLFPRC to get it for half price).

The truth about selling cars

Let us talk about the dirty tricks and lies we are told by the new car industry…

Yes, car salespeople are not exactly honest

Why do car salespeople lie to us… bully us – even stalk us on their car lot?

The answer is simple:

Car salespeople have been trained to psychologically wear us down.

Here is the proof. The sign hangs at virtually every car dealership (yet hidden from us):

speed kills sales

It is not unusual to spend over 5 straight hours at a car dealership…

This is not accidental…

In fact, nothing about the car-buying process is left to chance.

Because for most of us, getting into a new car is the second most expensive bill in our life (behind a home).

And since there is so much money at stake, car dealers use every trick in the book to get us to pay them the most amount of money.

Profit is their ultimate prize.

And we are steak on the table – ready to be devoured.

Behind-the-scenes’ secrets of the car dealership “sausage factory”

Car dealers use these 3 basic schemes to trick us into buying their cars to gain the most profit from us:

Trick #1: misleading invoice price

We are led to beLIEve that the Internet helps us get the best deal on a new car.

But car dealers are sophisticated marketers. They use weaponized marketing schemes to trick us into thinking we are savvy shoppers.

They want us to think we drove home in a new car and got a BARGAIN.

(If only this was really true).

The trusted truth is car manufacturers are in cahoots with car research sites like Edmonds and TrueCar. And these sites “reveal” each car’s invoice price…

We think this is the lowest price, but they are not…

Because we can usually save at least 12 to 15% more than the lowest “invoice” price without their help.

In fact, if we go back to 1993 (when “invoice” pricing first showed up to the public)…

A BMW 7-Series Sedan showed an invoice price of 18.2% lower than the sticker price. Today, that same invoice price is just 8% less.

A Honda Accord had a 1993 invoice price of 16% lower than the sticker price. Today that same invoice price is just 8.5% less.

In 1993, The Infiniti Sedan had a 20% invoice price lower than sticker. Today, it is just 7.4% less.

The same 20% invoice price for a 1994 Lexus Sedan is just 8% today.

I could go on and on.

The bottom line is car manufacturers are slowly closing the gap between the “invoice price” and the full sticker price. This is a deliberate move to trick us into paying more money for less car.

Yet most people still think the “invoice price” is what a dealer pays for their inventory. They do not. Car dealers pay a heck of a lot less for their inventory.

Trick #2: Hypnotic spells

From the time we visit a dealership until the moment we drive our new car off the lot, we are under the dealer’s magical spell.

Every single second of the car-buying process is a carefully choreographed charade to funnel us to the F&I office.

(F&I stands for Finance and Insurance.)

This is where we sign the contract and buy stuff we really do not need (like pinstripes, fabric protection – even VIN window etching).

The average car dealership gets a 30% “conversion”. That means for every 100 people who visit the dealership and say, “I am just looking”, 30 will buy or lease a car… usually the same day.

And the VAST majority of these new car buyers is going to pay thousands of extra dollars unnecessarily…

They are literally giving the car dealership thousands of extra dollars and getting nothing back in return.

Not only will we buy stuff we will never use (like extended warrantees)… but we will significantly overpay for stuff (like GAP insurance) that can be had for pennies on the dollar elsewhere.

Trick #3: “Emotion porn”

Emotion is the devil’s best friend…

When we make financial decisions based on emotion, we ALWAYS pay more money for stuff.


There is no exception.

The entire car buying process relies on us making poor emotional decisions.

Most people dream about driving a certain car. This is VERY emotional…

We IMAGINE what other people think seeing us drive a shiny new car. Again, very emotional.

But when we make logical decisions instead of emotional choices, we get FAR more car for less money.

Flip the game and win!

To win the car shopping game, we need to turn the tables on new-car dealers…

Instead of being led like a puppy into a showroom for more than 5 hours, it is best to email car dealers without leaving our home.

Because stepping into a dealership is a surefire recipe to make poor buying choices.

Instead of getting into a new car when “we are in the mood”, waiting a week or so can save us thousands of dollars…

Because timing is everything. I find getting into a new car on the last Friday of the month – exactly 90 minutes before the dealership closes gives us the best deal…

This is the best day and time of the month to get into a new car.

(By the way, the first Tuesday of the month is almost always the worst.)

Most people try negotiating the best price for a new car with each dealership. We play their insulting back and forth pricing game. This is EXACTLY what they want us to do. And even if we think we got a “great deal”, we probably paid thousands of dollars more than we had to…

Instead, it is best to “flip” the game in our favor…

Borrow my system to save thousands of dollars on your next car purchase (or lease)

I created a tried and true, simple email system:

We fill in the blanks with the new car details…

We send it off to a few local dealers…

And within minutes, we get dealerships fighting to sell us a car – at the EXACT price we can afford.

This is how we level the playing field and flip the car-buying process to get us a lot more car at a lot less money.

Can you wait a week or so to buy or lease a new car?

If you have a little bit of time, I can show you EXACTLY how to get dealers to slash at least 20% off the price of a new car.

Any new car (except a Tesla)…

Anywhere in the world…

Without haggling, insults – and no games.

The secret is timing.

Because when we wait for exactly the right time of the month to buy, most car dealers need that one extra sale to make their end of month bonus.

This timing gives us the leverage to call the shots:

We name our price…

And the new-car dealers accept our price…


You do not have to go about this alone

I took notes on EXACTLY how I turn the tables on new-car dealers.

I have fill-in-the-blank templates. Just fill in the price you want, the car you want – even the interest rate…

Then email it to a handful of car dealers in your area.

That same day, emails are going to come back agreeing to sell (or lease) you a new car for the price you requested.

In fact, in most cases, we do not even have to step foot in the dealership – they will GLADLY drive the new car to our home (and drive back our old car if we have one to trade in).

Since all the finances are agreed upon ahead of time, we sign the paperwork from the comfort of our kitchen table. There is no need to haggle, beg or argue. There are no sales people to deal with. Everything is ready to go. Just sign and drive.

So what is the catch?

There are 3 minor catches:

Catch #1:

I will show you exactly how to save thousands and thousands of extra dollars (in cash) off the price of your next new car…

I will also show you how to skip over the profitable extras that they try to sell to us for thousands more…

You will also find out how to slash your monthly auto insurance bill – saving you even more cash…

In exchange for my hand-holding online guides, you get a 12-month access pass for just $99.

You get all my notes, my Quick Start Guide, my Million Dollar Rolodex, my pricing calculators and my lists of the best cars to buy for the money.

(This means you get to keep all the extra savings you gain from using my system – this is thousands of dollars you get to pocket).

Catch #2:
You cannot share my secrets…

In fact, you will be signing an N.D.A. (i.e. a non-disclosure agreement). We have to keep these secrets to ourselves. Because if too many people use this, the car dealers will catch on.

Catch #3:
My tutorials are not 100% finished.

I just finished up helping Kim get her 2017 Infiniti Q50 Premium Plus at an obscenely low price.

As a result, my tutorials are not complete just yet…

To compensate, I am offering a 12-month access pass to my KTL system for 50% off the $199 price. Use the gift code: KTLHLFPRC to get it for half price. Click here to get access to my KTL system…

Annette (an employee of Hewlett Packard) was in a hurry to lease another car. She also wanted her dream car… at an affordable price.

And the GREAT news is she got this last night:

Annette Mini 2016

She paid .79% of MSRP monthly – $282. (We consider anything under 1% as a HUGE success). Government fees amounted to $384. So after paying $666, she drove home in her Mini.

And then I got this message in my inbox earlier today:

I held out and I found a dealer who got me a lease with monthly payments of $287 -gap insurance and Honda roadside assistance included-(1% MSRP). $500 down (tax tag and first month). I admit I could have driven to NY for the other deal but that would have been really crazy for me with work. We finished up around 9:30 pm so I’ll send a picture in the morning. Thank you so much for your help! I have learned so much from this process. Your program EASILY pays for itself with the money I saved in a down payment alone. Thank you for empowering me with these tools. I was definitely more confident when dealing with the dealerships and F and I. I’m actually kind of looking forward to doing this again in another 3 years with a higher end car.

I’m going to bed now. It’s been a long day.


Would you like to lease a new car this month at the absolute lowest (unadvertised) price?

My KTL At-Home Leasing System is now available at a 50% discount…

Seconds after order it, you get my:

  • Quick Start Guide (for those who need a great deal on a new car fast)
  • Instant access to my database of aggressive dealerships in the USA…
  • Email web app – send an email offer to any dealership in just one click of your mouse…
  • Fill-in-the-blank templates to help you reply to emails…
  • Detailed written and video tutorials on every aspect of new car leasing…
  • Unbiased answers to any question you have about leasing your new car…

And the best part is you never see a car salesperson. Everything is done by email. The only time we visit the dealership is to pickup our new car or light-duty truck.

Remember, I am offering a 12-month access pass to my KTL system for 50% off the $199 price…

Copy and paste the following gift code:

… Then click here to get it for half price…

29 tips, secrets and surprises about the new Toyota RAV4

Update: I just published this on how to get the best deal on a new Toyota RAV4 at a dealership – without haggling. (I reveal how to use an email to get triple the normal discount.)

I admit it. I am a biased Toyota RAV4 fanboy.

Back in 1995, I saw the RAV4 for the first time and got it without test driving it.

Back then, the original two-door RAV4 was stunning to look at. Everywhere I went, people stopped me and asked me about this futuristic-looking crossover SUV.

And since 1995, I have bought (or leased) 6 Toyota RAV4s.

In fact, we are about to lease another new Toyota RAV4 hybrid any day now.

Here is my current 2015 RAV4 Limited (right) next to the new 2016 RAV4 Limited (left):

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How to lease a brand new car with no money down in the USA

UPDATE:Click here for my updated article on how to lease a new car and save at least 20% off MSRP…

In the vast majority of situations here in the United States, I recommend leasing over any other ways to finance and drive a car.

This might surprise you.

Because we have been brainwashed that leasing is a fool’s way to drive a car.

But when we exploit the benefits of leasing (and avoid the common traps), we are able to drive a lot more car for a lot less money over our lifetime.

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Assume a lease & drive new cars for less than $200 monthly

One of the most amazing ways to drive a new luxury car on the cheap is to assume a lease.

A car lease takeover benefits everyone: the original lessee gets out of their lease without paying expensive penalties …

And we get to assume a lease without putting down expensive down payments.

Continue reading Assume a lease & drive new cars for less than $200 monthly

Residual value calculations on a new car lease for 2016

UPDATE: These residual values were compiled in December of 2015. So they are no longer valid. Click here to get access to the latest lease residual values

Residual value is the net amount of a car’s worth after factoring in depreciation.

So residual value is the amount we can buy a leased car for at the end of the term.

A higher residual value allows us to lease more car for less money each month.

Who determines the residual value on a new car? It is not the new car dealer. Instead, it is the lease finance company that actually determines the residual values on all vehicles.

For some reason, it is all but impossible to see all the residual values of cars sold here in the USA…

So I compiled the 36- and 60-month residual value of each car below.

Continue reading Residual value calculations on a new car lease for 2016

My #1 secret to buy a new car at the lowest price in the USA

Word is getting out:

New car dealers HATE me.

That is because I know too much about the car buying process.

And every day, thousands of my readers come here for my insider secrets of buying a car at the absolute lowest price.

This short tutorial gets you the absolute lowest price on your next new car

Read this article until the end, and I am going to show you how to get more car for less.

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How to hire a car buying service to get great cars cheaper

UPDATE: I no longer recommend using a car buying service. I just found out they often get kickbacks from car dealerships. This means we are not getting the lowest price for a new car. Instead, I recommend reading this article I just published about buying (or leasing) a new car using email to save at least 20% off.

We all know buying a car is stressful and time consuming.

So much is at stake:

Pay too much and you feel ripped off and embarrassed. Plus, we do not want to admit to our friends and family that we got a bad deal.

And buying a car is a huge waste of time – most spend up to 6 hours in a dealer’s showroom.

And we fret, “Is my credit good enough to get me a car at a good rate?”

All this worry and hassle leads to stress and misery.

If you hate the idea of negotiating with a dealer to buy a new car, a car-buying service is often a savvier, money-saving solution for you.

Or even if you are capable of negotiating a good deal, but would rather not deal with the hassles – a trusted car buying service might be for you.

What are the benefits and advantages of buying a car with a broker?

A growing number of car buyers are finding out that a car buying service is faster, easier and less expensive than traditional car buying.

Here are the top benefits and advantages of using a car buying service:

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See the many benefits of buying a new car versus a used car

For most of my adult life, I fell for the adage to get the most out of a car purchase:

“Buy a slightly used car and run it into the ground.”

This sounds like sage financial advice…

But the reality is buying a used car is often more expensive than buying a new car.

I ran cars into the ground twice in my life – driving almost 250,000 miles on each.

Crunching the numbers shows used cars can be more expensive than new cars

I would never buy a used car again.

Because when I arm myself with a calculator, a little knowledge and an open mind, I discovered this:

It is actually cheaper to buy new cars than used cars… especially nowadays.

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