The simple and effective natural remedy for indigestion

Whenever I eat through the pain, I always pay for it.

And it happened after dinner yesterday…

My body signaled I was full, but I kept on eating.

Most people reach for over-the-counter antacids like Tums or Rolaids.

But these calcium carbonate products never worked well for me.

Plus, they allegedly contain an aluminum compound called Basaljel (which is toxic to our body).

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My #1 trick to get the freshest food at most restaurants

We all know fast food tastes awful these days.

But sometimes, we get stuck.

And we need to get a quick bite to eat at a fast-food joint.

Mass-produced food usually sits in plastic warming trays.

And as this food sits, it loses its freshness (and flavor).

The trick to getting a fresh meal is to ask for a custom meal.

For example, I will order a sandwich without pickles.

That way, it is always made fresh.

Wanna know the truth about why I do not weigh myself today?

The human body is quite a remarkable machine.

Eat a large variety of different real foods and our weight stays (relatively) the same ’til we die.

And this is one of the reasons I never weigh myself.

Because the scale makes us anxious no matter what it reads.

For example, if we are trying to lose weight, we are almost always disappointed.

This stresses us out. We get upset. And we almost always quit.

And if we are below our weight goal, we relax. And then we put the weight back on.

These days, I judge my weight on how well I fit into things.

And I am just fitting back into my skinny jeans.

My scale sits under the bathroom trash can.

It has been there for more than 5 years without use.

It is probably time to throw it out!

All natural ways to get rid of dandruff with baking soda

I have struggled with dandruff all my life.

Of course, I have tried every dandruff shampoo. I even tried the most expensive stuff.

And while it gave temporary relief, my dandruff problems continued days later.

I am a big believer in using natural products.

But most home cures for dandruff never really worked well for me.

Everything from Jojoba and coconut oil – even tea tree oil.

But here is the best home remedy for dandruff I have ever tested:

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Introducing the amazing & affordable $69 IKEA standing desk

As I documented here, blogging for a living nearly killed me.

I wanted to try a standing desk, but did not want to pay hundreds – even thousands to get one.

The other problem with typical standing desks is the “sturdy” factor…

Most standing desks are top heavy. And they tip easily. And they shake a lot.

To save money (and avoid tipsy tables), I cleverly thought to wall mount my new standing desk.

This would save me a money (needing half the amount of legs).

And a wall mount standing desk would keep my table steady.


I set a $100.00 IKEA stand-up desk budget

I have seen IKEA DIY standing desk hacks in the past, but they were tiny, ugly and not useful.

So I put my clever hat on…

My goal was to get a solid and useful standing desk on the cheap.

Armed with a drawing on a 4″ by 6″ index card and a few hours of research, we headed to the cash machine…

My challenge was to spend no more than $100.00 cash at IKEA – not a penny more.

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How to treat poison ivy at home

If you ever caught poison ivy (or poison oak or poison sumac), you know it can lead to weeks of itchy pain and suffering.

But don’t fret… I stumbled upon a fix that 100% eliminates the scratch and rash almost instantly.

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