Here is how to blur your house from Google Street View

Once upon a time, Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt said:

Individuals who did not want the Street View cars to snap photos of their homes should “just move.”

Unfortunately, he is probably right.

Because if you believe the culture creation industry’s propaganda, privacy is dead.

But I still have hope.

And I continue to fight for my right to privacy.

One way is to blur my house in Street View on Google Maps.

Here is how to do it in 3 simple steps:

1) Go to and locate your home. Find it by typing your address into the search box…

2) Next, click the Street View icon and drag it on top of your home…

blur house google street view-icon

3) Adjust the scene to be blurred. Then click on the “Report a problem” link (on the bottom of the webpage). Then request blurring by choosing any one of the options.