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Here is how to speed up phone recharge time by at least 30%

Most people are busy and have a short window of downtime to charge their device.

I ran lots of non-scientific tests to see if I could slash the time it takes to recharge my mobile devices.

Here are the (surprising) results of my findings:

Quick chargers and super charges do not help at all. Typically, they work faster during 60% of the fill, but the remaining 40% can take up to an hour. Even worse, I understand these quick chargers can wear out battery cells, thus shortening battery life over time.

Portable charges do not speed up the recharge, either.

Wireless chargers are the least efficient.

Cheap replacement cables slow down recharging. Using the USB cable that comes with a phone seems to speed up a recharge.

Does Airplane Mode charge a battery faster? Yes it does, but not by much. Switching to Airplane Mode shaves off about 4 minutes of a full charge. Plus remember: switching to Airplane Mode means we cannot receive calls, texts or surf the ‘net.

In my tests, turning off my device was the clear winner. I consistently save at least 30% off the total recharge time. Plus, I understand charging a turned-off device prolongs battery life.

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