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10 surprising health benefits of eating dandelion “weeds”

It is AMAZING that we pay for poisons to kill dandelions on our lawn.

This is literally killing hundreds – even thousands of dollars worth of natural medicine without realizing it.

Some say dandelions are a miracle drug that claim to:

– prevent liver diseases
– purify our blood
– naturally cleanse our body
– dissolve kidney stones
– help us lose weight
– end acne and warts
– relieve both constipation and diarrhea
– lower high-blood pressure
– prevent various forms of cancer
– prevent diabetes

Dandelions are packed with micronutrients. This includes copper, cobalt, zinc, boron, molybdenum and Vitamin D.

And the best part is ingesting dandelions has zero side effects (unless of course you eat them poisoned by weed killer or are allergic to ragweed).

There is no doubt about it:

Dandelion greens taste bitter.

But many dark green vegetables like spinach, kale and mustard greens are bitter, too.

Any recipe that calls for greens can be substituted by dandelion greens.

Prolong the shelf life of dandelions by freezing the greens for winter use (after blanching them).

Every single part of the dandelion is edible.

Flowers go into jellies, homemade wines and even double as cake decorations.

Chop the greens to make a salad.

Peel the roots and cook ’em like potatoes.

Or roast and grind dandelions to use as a coffee substitute.

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