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Poor nutrition, poor posture, higher stress levels and more time at the computer are all of the reasons more and more people are having lower back pain these days.

For me, suffering with back pain significantly affected all areas of my life...

... Playing with my two younger sons was painful. Just bending down was a chore.

Cooking and cleaning the dishes was a surefire way to suffer with sharp back pains, too.

And forget about those easy goin' summer walks around the neighborhood - it wasn't worth the lower back pain that arrived just minutes into our travels.

But that all changed when an ol' buddy of mine recommended a simple exercise to rid my lower back pain...

It's called the reverse hyperextension. Here's a great video on how this exercise relieves lower back pain:

I'm happy to report that after doing these exercises for just a few weeks, my back pain vanished. I feel half my age again. I no longer struggle with walking, cooking or playing with my family.

In order to keep my back strong, I perform these reverse hyperextension exercises just once a week.

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