extinguish fire with sound

See how this fire gets extinguished with simple sound waves

We are given the impression that we have access to cutting-edge technology.

But the truth is we do not.

Technology is obsolete the moment it is given to us.

I have personally seen free energy harnessed from a tiny cup of water back in 2001.

Yet these real advanced technologies never see the light of day.

Speaking of water:

Putting out fires with H2O is an antiquated solution.

Firefighters still use water…

That is because their entire industry would be bankrupt if a better solution came along.

A better, safer and cheaper solution is to use simple sound waves to put out fire instantly.

Take a look at this invention created by two engineering students:

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) bragged about its acoustic suppression of flames years ago:


Robert Lego turned me onto a Ruben’s Flaming tube…

Here is an episode of MythBusters demonstrating a Ruben’s Flaming tube:

This takes the Ruben’s Flaming tube to the next level:

So how do we get better inventions to see the light of day?

It is simple…

Just spread the word.

You have my permission.

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