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Here is the best way to put eye drops in a toddler’s eyes


Soar eyes from swimming?

Dry eye from contacts or LASIK eye surgery?

Of course, eye drops are the go-to fix.

But giving our child eye drops is one of the most annoying tasks of parenthood.

No one likes to put in eye drops – even adults.

Many tricks have been used over the years to give our child eye drops…

Everything from bribery to flat-out force comes to mind.

But the good news is there is a better way to give our child eye drops…

For me, the “eyes close” method works the best.

Get this:

The human eye can only hold 1/6th of a single eye drop.

Anything more is a waste.

Yet if you are like most, you add a few drops just to make sure.

But you are literally throwing money down the drain, because each drop can cost up to 60 cents each eye!

Using the “eyes close” method is the fast, easy and cheapest way to put eye drops in.

While their eyes are closed (with their head leaned back), insert one drop on the inside corner of their eye.

Then have them blink their eyelids three times.

Have a paper towel handy – remember, 5/6th of each drop is wasted.

Bonus tip: eye drops expire 30 days after opening the package… even if the stated expiration date is years from now.

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