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The hidden side effects of Hops in beer

I am surprised how many people drink beer and do not understand its side effects…

Because one of the ingredients in beer is Hops.

And Hops is responsible for many of the health problems we see today including:

  • premature aging
  • sluggishness
  • tooth decay
  • hair loss
  • “man boobs”
  • “beer belly”
  • erectile disfunction
  • abnormal blood clotting
  • headaches
  • hangovers
  • premature menstruation

I know, I know – holy moly. All of this bad stuff comes from just one ingredient in beer.

Today, more than 99% of all beers list Hops as an ingredient. Just 100 grams of Hops (about 3.5 ounces) contains anywhere from 30,000 to 300,000 IUs of estrogen (depending on the type of Hops)…

… Up until the year 1516, beer didn’t have Hops in it at all. That’s when the Reinheitsgebot (or Beer Purity Act of 1516) required Hops to replace medicinal herbs found in beers. The penalty for making impure beer was confiscation without compensation…

… Before the act was enacted, beer was commonly used to carry medicine throughout the body. In fact, more than one hundred different plants were used in brewing beer including everything from dandelion stems to burdock root. These herbs (especially in beer) are sexually and mentally stimulating. (It’s rare to become sleepy when drinking un-hopped beers.) People literally went to an Ale House to cure their ails. Interestingly, this was the first drug law ever enacted.

People claim drinking beer without Hops prevents the dreaded hangovers, too.

It’s interesting that some say a boost in estrogen is good for us… but my investigation shows the opposite:

According to the US National Library of Medicine, Hops have been shown to contain one of the most potent in vitro (i.e. test tube) estrogenic substances known from the plant kingdom.

Estrogen steals oxygen from mitochondria (our body’s “cellular power plants”). Not good.

Estrogen interferes with glucose oxidation. In simple speak, our bodies don’t get the energy we need… so we’re tired. In fact Germany’s Commission E authorizes the use of Hops for “discomfort due to restlessness or anxiety and sleep disturbances.”

But that’s just the beginning of the problems with Hops and estrogen …

… There’s strong epidemiological evidence to show estrogen contributes to the formation of breast, endometrial and uterine cancers. In fact, women who begin menstruating early (or who start menopause late) produce more estrogen over their lifetimes and have a higher risk of breast cancer.

Ironically, Hops is sometimes marketed as a breast enhancement product… as a sedative and relaxant… and even a hormone to improve fertility (even though before the 1940s, doctors routinely warned patients about estrogen because it caused infertility).

Today, the majority of physicians and men overlook its potent chemicals. They don’t realize that beer itself can significantly alter the male androgen levels – affecting the development of male secondary sex characteristics.

German beer makers observed that young women farmhands who picked Hops in fields would often fall asleep on the job, and would begin menstruation much earlier than similarly-aged young women not working in a Hops’ field.

Hops is classified as an anaphradesiacal herb. It lessens sexual desire. In fact, the state of male penal flaccidity from the mass consumption of beer is knowns as Brewer’s Droop. (No wonder Viagra is so popular nowadays.)

So how do we enjoy beer that’s free of Hops? Look for traditional gruits (typically found in microbreweries and brew pubs).

It’s also best to buy beers that are bottle-conditioned. Bottle-conditioned beers are carbonated in the bottle and contain live yeasts. These yeasts (most commonly Saccharomyces cerevisiae) are highly nutritive. They are extremely high in protein, glucose tolerance factor, and B vitamins – especially niacin and B1. It helps regulate blood sugar levels (thereby eliminating many of the problems associated with diabetes).

You can detox your body of estrogen quite simply (and naturally). Just grate or shred a carrot with a little olive oil, vinegar and salt.

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