hotel resort fees

Do we really have to pay those hidden hotel resort fees?

Hotels now add hidden, mandatory “resort fees” to the price of a stay.

These “resort fees” are mandatory surcharges.

Hotels charge them to cover the cost of certain amenities…

Resort fees can add up to 30% onto our total hotel bill.

It covers costs such as wifi to gym access – even the use of a notary or a shoe shine service.

Most guests do not use a fraction of these services.

Yet hotels took in almost $2 billion in resort fees last year.

On average, resort fees add an extra $25.00 a night to the bill.

The truth is these fees are just marketing tricks…

Here is how it works:

Hotels lower their advertised price…

This sucks us in (thinking we are getting a great deal)…

Then we get surprised with “resort fees” when we check out.

Hotel use resort fees to combat low-ball pricing tactics by 3rd-party consolidators (like Priceline, Orbitz and Expedia).

These sites prominently sort and display the lowest-priced room rates. Then they sneakily hide taxes and other costs (such as resort fees) in their fine print.

Often, the lowest-priced hotel room becomes the most expensive (after taxes and resort fees are calculated into the final price).

It is really a hidden tax.

Except instead of monies going to the government, it is pure profit for the hotelier.

It reminds me of leasing a car. Our monthly payment is lower than buying a car, but then we get hit with surprise fees when the lease ends.

Yes, we can complain at the front desk.

But legally, we do not have a leg to stand on since we agreed to it in the fine print.

Most hotel managers remain firm on charging this hidden fee.

Bottom line: I invest 60 seconds before I book a hotel room. And I ask what the resort fees are BEFORE I agree to a stay.

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