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We travel. A lot.

And while online maps are still being perfected, I find there are better, more accurate sources to get directions on the final leg of any trip.

When I'm lost, I head straight for:

Pizza shops
If they offer delivery, I ask to see a delivery person. This is my hand's-down favorite source for accurate directions.

A watering hole
There's always people in the bar that know where everything is.

The fire department
Just like the people at a bar, there's always someone hanging out in the fire station ready to help me track down a final destination.

The back of a post office
Most postal clerks at the front of the post office aren't the best about giving directions...

... But the postal carriers (those who still deliver mail every day) hang out in the back - and they're (often) a great source for getting directions.

Of course. They're the eyes and ears of the neighborhood.

Surprisingly, I've never had much success asking taxi cab drivers or gas station clerks for directions. In fact, some have led me on wild goose chases.

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