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While there's no expiration date printed on bath towels, most lose their softness and absorbency after two to three years...

... There are 5 easy ways to prolong the life of your bath towel set:

1) Don't wash 'em as often
According to Ingrid Johnson, "Cycle after cycle of machine washing and drying causes most towels to shed their fibers... and they won't do their job as well."

2) Skip dark colors
Fibers in light-colored towels hold less dye, so they stay fluffy longer.

3) Skip the cling free stuff
Fabric softener actually damages clothes - and that includes your bath towels. The same is true with bleach (it weakens the fabric and causes yellowing). Even worse, there's no way to fix this.

4) Get the funky smell out
Older towels get a musty odor that's difficult to eliminate in the wash. Try using good ol' vinegar rather than detergent in one load and then dry. (And no, your towels won't smell like vinegar when they dry).

5) Tap into mother nature
Machine drying is fast, but it degrades your bath towels. Instead, hang 'em out to dry to get your towels to last longer. If your towels get stiff after hanging out on the clothesline, add your towels to you dryer and "air dry" them for about 10 minutes.

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