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Did you know you're able to tell if the produce you buy at the grocery store was genetically modified, organically grown or produced with chemical fertilizers, fungicides, or herbicides?

These PLUs (Price Look Up) stickers are four- or five-digit codes telling us how fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, nuts, herbs and flavorings are grown.

Four-digit PLU codes let us know the produce was grown conventionally with the use of pesticides. For example, the PLU of 4131 is a traditionally grown apple.

Five-digit PLU codes tell us the produce is not traditionally grown. For example, a five-digit PLU code starting with the number "8" is genetically modified. A five-digit PLU code starting with the number "9" is organic.

One pneumonic device to help us remember organic from genetically modified organisms is 8 you hate and 9 is fine.

A PLU code beginning with a "6" identifies precut fruits and vegetables.

One of the biggest mysteries is a five-digit PLU code starting with the number "3". The sad reality is this produce is nuked... irradiated (i.e. electronically pasteurized).

By the way: you should always throw away the PLU stickers... while their adhesive is food grade, they're not edible (and some say they don't mix well with septic systems).

Now here's the rub. It's up to a grower to label their own produce. And with the outrage about genetically modified foods, there's pressure to lie. Keep this in mind when scanning produce to buy.

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