how to sell more hoverboards

Is the hoverboard ban a slick marketing scheme in disguise?

It is stunning how many people are falling for this publicity stunt…

Because I would bet my entire life’s savings that the hoverboard ban is really a slick marketing scheme in disguise.

And as a result, sales of hoverboards are skyrocketing this week.

This marketing scheme is as old as the hills

I have taught internet marketing since 1997.

And not much has changed since then…

So let me share with you the real reason behind the recent ban on hoverboard riding.

I call it the “not-for-you” strategy.

People strongly desire things they cannot have.

Tell them something is going to be illegal, and they flock to it like bees to honey.

Take the recent talk about banning hoverboard riding in New York City…

This is nothing more than a joint-venture arrangement between the culture creation industry and the hoverboard industry.

Here is the 3-step marketing formula revealed:

Step one – threaten prohibition

For example, we all know most young adults drink alcohol under the age of 21.

Even younger people start smoking before they are legally able to do so.

Every time a US President threatens to ban gun sales, the sales of guns and bullets skyrocket.

And now, the media tell us riding a hoverboard is illegal.

Next, use agitation to deepen the desire to get hoverboards

The not-for-you strategy must include a dose of agitation.

Marketers do this by including controversy…

And we have plenty of it as the laws are fuzzy at best.

This law states hoverboards are not illegal (as they do not go more than 15 miles per hour). Nor do they possess handlebars.

Thus, it appears the law does not apply to hoverboard riding.

But others point to Title 19, Chapter 1, Subchapter 3, Section 19-176.2 of New York’s code. It actively prohibits such devices from being used in the streets. The legislation says that any “motorized scooter” that propels people with power (but cannot be registered with the DMV) cannot be taken out and about.

The fine for this illegal act is $500.00.

Do New York police REALLY enforce the hoverboard ban?

The quick answer is no.

Enter popular YouTube blogger Casey Neistat.

He puts the hoverboard law to the test.

He blatantly rides a hoverboard in front of the police – daring them to arrest him:

As we see in this video, most cops do not know about this hoverboard ban.

One cop admitted it was merely a “technicality”.

Casey never got arrested for riding his hoverboard in New York City.

Finally, spread the word using divide and conquer tactics

The not-for-you strategy always includes fast-spreading buzz.

And there is plenty of it… I think the entire Internet is talking about this minor topic.

Some argue for the ban. Others say it is silly.

How to use prohibition tactics to sell stuff

And there you have it – the formula to kick-start the sales of a product with help from the law:

Prohibition + Agitation + Buzz = Yahtzee!!! (i.e. lots of new hoverboards sales)

Here is the punchline about the controversy of riding hoverboards

Whoever came up with this campaign is a marketing genius.

S/he should win a Marketer of the Century Award.

I am 100% certain sales of hoverboards are going to skyrocket this week.

Think about it:

If this was truly an important public-safety issue, the law would not be ignored. Instead, the police would make examples of arresting people and plaster it all over the news.

Instead, the ban on hoverboards is just a clever mind trick to get us interested in buying one.

More examples of laws that lead to product sales

I compiled a list of 728 silly laws that remain illegal today.

Of course, these laws are never enforced (and should be removed).

But a lot of these laws remain on the books to sell products and push agendas…

These laws promote everything from fast foods, kites, watermelon – even reality TV shows.

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