is salt bad for you

Is salt actually bad for you and riddled with plastics?

John Adams just passed this on to me…

It is from a just-released article in The Atlantic online magazine.

It says table salt is “probably” full of plastic:

Scientists have discovered that various brands of table salt sold in China contain a range of plastic pollution, which might make food unsafe.

Question: how can science and the word “probably” be mentioned in the same sentence?

Even worse, the article points to this report

It claims healthier sea salt has the highest concentration of microplastics:

To test our hypothesis, we collected 15 brands of sea salts, lake salts and rock/well salts from supermarkets throughout China. The microplastics content was 550-681 particles/kg in sea salts, 43-364 particles/kg in lake salts and 7-204 particles/kg in rock/well salts. In sea salts, fragments and fibers were the prevalent types of particles compared with pellets and sheets.

I smell a rat:

I wrote this post about the health benefits of ingesting the right amount of the right type of salt.

The war on healthy salt continues on.

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