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John Gruber: why every blogging pro should LOVE this guy

Let us be honest…

It is hard to get paid our worth as bloggers.

Most bloggers never make their first dollar online.

The rest is getting paid peanuts these days.

I struggled for years, too.

So when I heard about John Gruber’s blog (and how he monetizes it), I was astonished.

It is genius in every way.

Here is how it works

The concept is simple to put into action:

– Blog daily for life… even on weekends and holidays…

– Copy and paste snippets of other people’s blog posts and add intelligent commentary.

Here is a typical John Gruber post:

John Gruber post example

– Make the entire blog 100% ad free – for the exception of one weekly sponsor that gets their own blog post:

John Gruber thankyou example

– Create a cleverly-crafted sponsorship page:

John Gruber sponsorship

Introducing the Gruber Sponsorship Model

The genius behind Gruber’s monetization is its simplicity.

As there is just one sponsorship slot open each week, there’s a hidden tug of war happening behind the scenes…

Because at any given moment, an available slot is likely to be sold at any time.

And once the week’s slot is bought, it is never available again. This is the ultimate principle of scarcity in play.

Even better, no one really knows if the ads sell at full price.

His audience appreciates his model, too…

They feel good supporting his advertisers, because they feel good supporting him.

And since Gruber has the right to decline any offer to advertise, this keeps the bar high.

When we run the math, we see Gruber is bringing in more than $400,000.00 a year.

Even better, Gruber blogs simple posts from a laptop – anywhere in the world that has WiFi…

He never has to worry about comment spam, because he turns off blog comments…

He sleeps until he feels like waking up…

He goes on vacations and gets speaking gigs throughout the year…

Gruber is truly living the Great American Dream.

Under the radar (until now)

I am STUNNED how few blog sites use the Gruber Sponsorship Model.

Perhaps it is because John is politically incorrect. (For example, he called Google’s CEO a creepy and weird dude).

Advertisers like John Saddington rave about his results sponsoring Gruber’s blog.

The good news for us is Gruber is almost begging us to steal his model for our own gain – watch this:

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