My top 10 low-cost kitchen tools, equipment & containers

Over the last 30 years, I have searched high and low for AMAZING kitchen tools to help me cook faster, safer and more delicious foods.

Most of these tools are not found in local stores or at the mall…

But the good news is they are all available at at super low prices.

Here are my favorite kitchen tools and equipment:

Salter ultra thin glass kitchen scale

Salter ultra thin glass kitchen scale

I use this kitchen scale every day to weigh both wet and dry ingredients.

Its “add & weigh” function allows us to measure many ingredients in the same bowl.

All moving parts are built into the glass top (so its easy to clean).

It is so well-built, it comes with a full 10-year warrantee.

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Victorinox Swiss Classic 8″ chef’s knife

Victorinox Swiss Classic 8-inch chefs knife

I cannot believe this professional chefs knife is less than $50. (I would gladly pay 10 times the price for it.)

I first heard about this amazing knife from Christopher Kimball (from America’s Test Kitchen). He said this super cheap knife does it all – cutting, chopping, dicing vegetables – even slicing meat.

The martensitic stainless steel alloy used for the cutting blades stays sharp no matter what we cut.

This Chef’s Knife is my favorite because of its comfortable handle, well-engineered weight and balance, and razor sharp edge.

And the best part is this knife rarely needs resharpening.

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Stainless steel utensil holder for the kitchen

stainless steel utensil holder for the kitchen

For all the things that do not fit in a kitchen drawer, this stainless steel utensil holder gobbles up everything else.

This includes: spatulas, ladles, spoons, tongs, whisks (and more).

This utensil holder is heavy and sturdy. Its bottom is well weighted, so it does not tip over.

And it is perfectly sized to easily hold 15 different utensils (with room left over).

This utensil holder is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

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Oster 8-speed, 6-cup 220V glass jar blender (black)

Oster 8-speed 6-cup 220V glass jar blender black

It is virtually impossible to find a blender with a glass container these days…

But this Oster 8-speed blender fits the bill.

Its 450 watt, all-metal drive system crushes ice in just a few pulses.

Unlike most blenders I have used in the past, there is no burning insulation smell.

Even better, there is never labored blending. This blender has been a tank – a serious kitchen tool.

This Oster blender is dishwasher safe (just make sure to remove the bottom base and blade for the best cleaning).

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Stainless steel wok with lid

Stainless steel wok with lid

I only have one type of vessel in my kitchen to do all my cooking.

It is this stainless steel wok.

This wok does it all:

– pan fry
– stir fry
– deep fry
– steam vegetables
– boil water
– makes big vats of soups
– cook almost anything in the oven

Unlike a cheap steel wok, the bottom lays flat – so we can use it on any type of stove.

And the bottom cooks food evenly.

This wok includes a secure-fitting stainless-steel dome lid that traps in heat and moisture.

This wok is even oven safe, too. Oven cook with this wok up to 500 degrees.

There is no need to season this wok either. Its surface is made of stainless steel. Just preheat the wok with some oil and cook stick free.

This wok is dishwasher safe – it looks like new after just one wash.

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Stainless steel steamer insert for Chef’s wok

Stainless steel steamer insert for Chefs wok

My Chef’s wok (above) is great…

But adding this heavy-duty steamer insert kicks up my Chef’s wok to AWESOME.

In fact, we can stack two of these steamer inserts and have a big-time veggie party.

No. This is not some cheap steamer-basket option. This steamer insert is super heavy duty. It is so well made, I could open a Chinese restaurant with it.

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Best wok spatula

best wok spatula

This wok spatula is manufactured from a polished stainless steel.

Its hollow handle provides a comfortable grip while keeping our hands cool.

It is designed to make cooking and scooping quick and easy.

And it is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

Its one-piece construction guarantees this wok spatula is going to last a lifetime.

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Quart-sized Mason jars

quart sized Mason jars

An endless parade of news reports confirm plastic containers are bad for our health.

As a result, I have been storing as much as I can in glass Mason jars.

The cool part is regular- and wide-mouth glass jars can be easily vacuum sealed. This keeps air out and freshness in. In fact, storing food in vacuum-sealed Mason jars extends my fresh food by at least double – sometime triple the time.

As a result, my grocery bill is more than 25% less than it used to be.

And I rarely buy plastic containers these days… because most things get stored in my vacuum-sealed glass jars.

My kitchen has almost every Mason-jar size available. But I most often use these wide-mouth Quart Mason jars…

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FoodSaver® FreshSaver® handheld vacuum sealing system

FoodSaver FreshSaver handheld vacuum sealing system

I do not use this sealing system as it was intended…

Instead, I “hack” it and save hundreds of dollars on a full-size FoodSaver system.

This cordless device is normally used to remove air from plastic vacuum-seal bags. But I “hack” this (along with Foodsaver jar sealers) to remove air from glass Mason jars. (See the attachments below).

In a press of a button, all air is removed from the glass jar (in about 10 seconds).

I recharge the batteries in this sealer once a week.

While the unit is (ironically) constructed of plastic, it is super durable. I have owned the same handheld unit for more than 2 years now. And it continues to work as new.

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Foodsaver jar sealers

Foodsaver jar sealers

These plastic attachment sealers fit on top of regular or wide-mouth glass Mason jars. They work in conjunction with the FoodSaver® FreshSaver® handheld vacuum sealing system (see above).

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