By Markus Allen
Founder of

What if I told you I've got a surefire way to help you hook up with any well-known admirer in your local area?

Whether it's a book author, entrepreneur - even a movie star... this technique works almost every time...

... Here's what to do:

Track down your admirer's snail mail address and Fedex a one-page, handwritten letter asking for a lunch date.

Keep the letter short. Let them know why you admire them. Offer to buy lunch at their favorite restaurant. Of course, end your letter asking them to contact you.

You'd be surprised that most big names are actually quite lonely. They're ego is usually starved (because the fame is often manufactured by public relation's pros). And the idea that you're recognizing them is too hard for them to resist.

For the mere cost of a Fedex delivery and lunch, odds are good you'll hook up with your local admirer before the week ends!

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