negative rice experiment

Does Dr. Emoto’s rice experiment really prove negativity?

Last winter, I was asked if I knew about Dr. Masaru Emoto’s negative rice experiment.

Dr. Emoto scientifically analyzed two different batches of water crystals.

Each was subjected to negative and positive sound waves in a controlled, random experiment.

One batch was talked to in a loving, positive way.

The other batch – not so nice. Angry thoughts actually.

Dr. Emoto’s experiment concluded that negativity produced negative vibes.

And positivity produced good feelings.

His proof was the formation of water crystals under a microscope.

Dr Emoto suggested we confirm his findings:

He suggested we place portions of cooked rice into three containers.

On one container, he wrote “thank you” and on the other “you fool”.

The third container was ignored. It was the control of this experiment.

He then instructed school children to say the labels on the jars out loud everyday when they passed them by.

After 30 days, the rice in the container with positive thoughts had barely changed, while the other was moldy and rotten.

People suck?

We all know people that suck all the energy out of a room.

They do not have a single good word to say.

Their internal thoughts and body language emanate bad feelings.

I always wondered if negative energy travelled.

That is, can my negativity travel through the air and affect other people?

A more scientific negative experiment

Dr. Emoto’s findings intrigued me.

He challenged us to try his negative rice experiment for ourselves.

And lots of bloggers did.

But I was skeptical.

Because most bloggers who cloned the experiment seemed to suffer from confirmation bias…

Their science was… well, not so scientific.

I hit the cash machine in the name of science…

Armed with more than $50.00 in cash, I decided to perform the negative rice experiment the right way.

I bought a case of brand new glass Mason jars.

I washed them. Dried them. And I air dried them for 14 days.

I cooked Jasmine rice and placed the exact same amount in 4 jars.

To avoid metal contamination, I scooped the rice into the jars with a bamboo spoon.

I sliced apples (with a bamboo knife) and placed them in the other 4 jars. This acted as my “ignored” control.

I placed all the jars in my soon-to-be-dark bedroom:


Each jar was spaced about a foot away from each other.

I further eliminated confirmation bias by capping half of the jars with plastic lids. They other half I vacuum sealed.

Every day, I equally rotated the jars.

And here was the fun part

One at a time, I would smile and mutter, “I love you” to half of the jars with a smiley face…

Then I would scream, “I hate you” to the other half of the batch with a sad face.

I repeated this ritual every single day for exactly 30 days last winter.

Yes, I was stunned and shocked

A hint of the outcome of this experiment came just 4 days in.

My angry rice (that was not vacuumed sealed) was rapidly turning ugly colors.

Days later, it was turning chalky black.

Fast forward 26 days and this experiment spooked me a bit…

My “nice” rice turned vibrant colors. And my “angry” rice turned nasty dark green:

negative rice experiment nice-vs-nasty

Am I now convinced?

A weird surprise took place just days before my experiment ended…

One of the apple slices turned rancid:

negative rice experiment apple-slice-bad

And no, this was not the result of me saying bad things.

It was the opposite.

I was nice to this apple slice.

The other apple slice… the one I was nasty to remain virtually unchanged.

This was not what anyone expected.

And quite frankly, this revelation threw a monkey wrench into the entire experiment.

The bottom line about the negative rice experiment

Negativity certainly affects cooked rice in a nasty way.

Here is a picture of the entire negative rice experiment on day 31:

negative rice experiment day 31


See the jar on the bottom left?

That is my “angry rice”.

Here is what it looks like out of the jar:

negative rice experiment negative rice chalk green


I am glad I vacuum sealed half the jars…

At the same time, my “nice” and “angry” rice were totally unchanged in vacuum-sealed jars:

negative rice experiment negative vacuum sealed jars

This tells me the air is a good carrier of vibes – whether good or bad.

And the lack of air had absolutely no effect on the outcome.

The bottom line about negativity and the Emoto rice experiment

I picked up 3 observations during my month-long negative rice experiment:

First, screaming negative thoughts consistently into a jar of rice produces an ugly ending.

Second, the absence of air prevents negativity from being passed on. So in a vacuum, negativity is not likely to be contagious.

And finally, the “happy” apple turned rancid. Critical thinkers would point to this as proof that the experiment failed.

For me, this experiment changed my outlook on life.

While I remain a life-long skeptic, I now realize that complaining is draining.

As a result, I am consciously nicer…

And now I invest a TON of time on ways to use positivity to my advantage.

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