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My #1 secret to buy a new car at the lowest price in the USA

Word is getting out:

New car dealers HATE me.

That is because I know too much about the car buying process.

And every day, thousands of my readers come here for my insider secrets of buying a car at the absolute lowest price.

This short tutorial gets you the absolute lowest price on your next new car

Read this article until the end, and I am going to show you how to get more car for less.

Do not scan this…

Read every word, and I promise to show you how to get the car of your dreams at the guaranteed lowest price here in the USA.


Here we go:

The truth about people who sell us cars…

Believe it or not, I feel bad for car salespeople.

At the car dealership, they work all kinds of long hours – averaging more than 60 hours a week.

They work most weekends. And they work some holidays, too.

Almost all car salespeople work on 100% straight commission. So if they do not sell any cars, they make no money.

Here is the worst part:

If they sell cars without stretching the truth, they risk getting fired.

No joke.


Knowing this is important.

It is the key to get the best price for your next new car.

Because the relationship between “us” (the buyer) and “them” (the salesperson) is a HUGE conflict of interest.

Of course, we want a fair, low price.

Yet, car salespeople get a percentage of the profit. So when they discount our price, we are literally taking money out of their paycheck to pay for their food.

This is like combining oil and water – it never mixes well.

Here is the real reason car salespeople exist

Many think a salesperson’s job is to help us make good decisions and find the right car for our needs and wants.

But that is exactly opposite of the truth:

A car salesperson’s only job is to use psychological schemes to wear us down.

That is it. It is nothing more.

They convince us to spend up to 5 hours in their showroom. (Sometimes more.)

And when we are out of energy, we usually make bad decisions.

Look… cars are usually the second most expensive thing we buy (behind a home).

We should be energetic and alert when making high-dollar purchases.

Bottom line: walking into a new-car dealership through the showroom is the absolute worst way to shop for a new car…

Why the “invoice price” is an insulting psychological trick on us

Industry journalists tell us getting a new car at the “invoice price” is the best deal.

And car salespeople reinforce this by saying silly stuff like, “Yikes, my manager is going to turn white if he gives this car away for so little.”

The car industry knows what motivates us…

We do not want to be embarrassed.

Instead, we want to brag to our friends and family that we got a good deal on that shiny new car.

But this is an age-old psychological trick on us.

Car dealers inflate the sticker price by thousands of dollars. Then they convince us the “dealer invoice” price is the car dealer’s factory price.

This is an insulting joke on us.

And it is a whopper of a lie.

The reality is the sticker price (M.S.R.P.) is about double of what a car dealer pays.

Yep. I said it.

This is a highly-classified, highly-guarded secret.

Everyone in the car-selling industry denies this when I reveal it.

But they are either naive (or flat out lying).

But I know this is true.

And I can prove it.

You see, I regularly contact Fleet and Internet Sales Managers on behalf of my clients.

And I asked them to bid on new cars.

These bidders willingly discount their prices thousands of dollars below the “invoice price.”

Trust me when I say car dealers HATE losing money.

And they are still making tens of thousands of dollars on each car we buy.

The invoice price is NOT what dealers pay for the cars they sell us.

Here is my #1 secret to buy any new car at the lowest price

Honestly, car dealers should make healthy profits on each car sold.

If they do not, everyone loses – employees lose their jobs and we cannot buy the car we want and desire.

But paying “dealer invoice” is obscene price gouging.

It is kind of like paying $15.00 for a 25-cent bottled water at a baseball game.

So how do we exploit this for our own good?

Knowledge is power.

And leveraging the secrets they do not want us to know ALWAYS gets us the best price on a new car.

Start a bidding war

Here is how I get the absolute lowest price on a popular, new car…

This even includes the best interest rate on financing…

It even includes the absolute lowest price for extended warranties…

It even gets us the lowest price on GAP coverage insurance…

My #1 secret is to skip the car salesperson.

Instead, start off contacting the Fleet Manager or Internet Manager.

Call and ask for their email address.

How many?

The more you contact, the more enter into your bidding war.

I would contact everyone within 100 miles of you.

Then send an email requesting their lowest price on your next car.

Tell them you are going to buy this week.

And do not say you are going to pay cash – they HATE this. (They make lots of profits financing a car.)

Make sure to send your request for proposals 2 hours after lunch on a Tuesday – I find this is the best time and day of the week.

There is a cheaper, better way to get more car for less money

If you have read this far, you are obviously pretty smart.

And I am guessing you are close to buying a new car.

You can contact a few local dealers and get a good, low price on your next new car.

Or you can do what I do – contact every dealership in America for their lowest price…

Start a bidding war

Getting car dealers to engage in bidding wars works, but it requires a lot of work.

Many ignore bidding requests and instead reply with,”Why don’t you just come into the dealership and work something out.”

Only a tiny minority of my requests come back with super low prices.

But I did not stop there.

I took these low prices and recontacted these new-car dealers. And I asked them to “sharpen their pencil” and dig deeper for even lower prices.

Let the experts do the haggling on your next car for you

There is a better and faster way to get the absolute best prices on your next new car…

Without the hassles.

Without haggling.

And without stress.

This is the savviest way…

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