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Buying a house? Stay away from Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods

According to RealtyTrac, homes located near Trader Joe’s appreciate 40% (on average) since the home sale date.

This is slightly higher than locating next to Whole Foods – 36% (which is the same as the national average).

But the real bite comes from the tax collector:

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Homeowners near a Trader Joe’s pay an average of $8,536 in property taxes each year, 59 percent more than the $5,382 average for homeowners near a Whole Foods.


It must be true…

Our property taxes are $1,435.26 this year – and the closest Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s is at least 45 minutes away from our house.

Bottom line: When thinking about a new home, keep away from premium grocery stores… it could save us a bundle.

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