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This includes:

Fireside Chats
Every week, I record a phone call with a up to 5 of the sharpest people I know. We deconstruct the week's news (and negative propaganda) to come up with solutions to upgrade our lives.

Fatherly advice
The Vault contains wise advice I've collected over the decades that we were never taught growing up.

These are tips, techniques and strategies to help us make better decisions and better our life.

Educational entertainment
I track down the most interesting people and turn on my audio recorder...

I interview anyone with something interesting to say. This includes famous people like Adam Curry (the VJ from MTV) as well as under-the-radar folks you've never heard of...

Like a Canadian comedy hypnotist, a frustrated Californian hobo - even an elevator repairman.

These calls are both educational and entertaining.

Intrepid investigations
If you're looking for REAL journalism (which leads to the real truth about life), my exposés reveal how stuff REALLY works.

And since I don't accept advertising, I'm able to find the truth on anyone without pressure.

I deconstruct the news for you and reveal EXACTLY how life's conspiracies work against us. I then take each issue and reveal solutions to improve your life.

No topic is taboo...

We talk about important discussions from marriage issues, the real reason schools don't work, the truth about climate change, Agenda 21, vaccines - even the pros and cons of eye surgery.

I'm been listening to the objective perspective of Markus Allen for the last 4 or so years via Talkshoe, and his website/blog forum. I have to extend some credit for him guiding me on the process of peeling back several layers of the "onion".

Joining and exploring the vault, I can see that the message and research is more intensely focused and refined. I applaud him for strategically weeding out unnecessary distractions by going this route.

The Vault has awoken me from a stale slumber, and I couldn't be more excited to be a part of the "community" and would highly suggest others jump on board...there's plenty room!

Keep on keeping Mark!

Denver, CO

Cutting through the matrix for you
As a Vault member, you get the shortcut access to truth without having to spend a ton of time on research...

I do all the heavy lifting for you - spending hours and hours a day filtering the truth from the scare mongering. I then deliver my reports to your member's only area.

Better than a Master's Degree in university
Enrolling as a Vault member makes you smarter almost the instant you join...

That's because I'm always searching to pick the brains of the smartest people.

Everything is available to you from any computer - from anywhere around the world.

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You get to keep more of your hard-earned money, because you're going to make smarter, sounder decisions...

And as your reward, you're able to end virtually all your stress.

Hob knob with fellow critical thinkers
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Yet, all this CAN CHANGE the moment you begin deprogramming yourself using the tips, techniques and strategies found inside The Vault.

Even better, you're never alone in your pursuit of truth - you're just a click away from hanging out with other Vault members.

PICTURE the moment you finally have THE ANSWER you've been looking for and begin the path to restore your life the way it should.

You FEEL alive...

Full of hope and optimism as you see a new world without the lies, without the political correct BS and without any stress.

Your Vault membership gives you a BETTER education than an elite college or university - without filling out applications or paying obscenely expensive tuition.

And I've priced membership so ANYONE, ANYWHERE in the world can easily afford it...

Markus Allen's truth chats are the most information-packed audios on the web.

He and other real people cover almost every topic imaginable, from media fakery, to vaccines, to chemtrails, to 9/11, to secret societies, and everywhere in between.

What we have found throughout the years is that life is not as scary as we've been told!

Mark Allen's wit, friendly personality, and sense of humor really bring this information to life.

Simply put, if you are a real person seeking real truth, you've come to the right place!

Aaron Hopkins
Cecil County, Maryland

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About Markus Allen

Hi folks, I'm Markus Allen. I'm the founder, editor and publisher of this site.

You're probably here because you want to figure me out... see if I'm a real person - get to know me a bit better.

And that's cool. Because I'm all for critical thinking and being careful who to trust for the truth about life.

About me (and my family)
I currently live in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (in the States) with my sweet wife and amazing two sons.

During the day, I create life-changing information products.

The rest of my days are invested in creating short, yet professional videos showing how most of our realities are scripted and manufactured by think tanks and NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations).

Most Wednesday nights, I host a fireside chat.

My philosophies

While people think of me as the world's most skeptical person (and it's true), I'm very optimistic about things at the same time.

I'm 100% certain that our realities are faked to control us.

Life isn't nearly a scary as we're told.

We can think of life as hell on earth or heaven on earth (I choose to focus exclusively on the heaven part.)

I strive for a 99% stress-free existence.

Our family blocks out each Saturday to take an adventure - we go through cars every 4 years... putting on at least 50,000 miles every 12 months.

Eating great food is VERY important to us. Here's a scratch meal I just made - YUM:

We're fitness freaks... great health is a must for us, too. We avoid doctors (or dentists) like the plague. I haven't been to one in decades. The medical industry considers us heretics.

While most "truth leaders" scare us into buying expensive schemes and remedies for the end of the world, my message is the exact opposite. Life is good. Really good. There's no need to buy survival seeds, underground bunkers or expensive water filters.

I am 46 years old.
My ageless-looking wife is a first-grade teacher and clocks in at 45 years old.
Tyler is the most amazing artist and is 12 years old.
And my little guy Corey is following in Tyler's footsteps and is 7 years old.

Walt Disney inspired this website

It's true. The "great" Walt got me to ultimately create this website.

Disney has always been PERCEIVED as a wholesome, family-oriented company. But the REALITY is they're not.

And when my family wanted to travel to Walt Disney World back in January of 2008, I vehemently opposed it since Disney is beyond evil...

For example, Disney at one time invested in Miramax, Touchstone, Dimension Films and Hollywood Pictures - that makes Disney one of the world's largest distributors of "adult" films on the planet.

In fact, Newsweek, described the Disney movie "Kids" as:

"One of the most controversial American movies ever made.The film follows a number of barely pubescent-looking boys and girls around New York City as they smoke pot, bait gays, beat a black man and engage in graphic sex."

The Disney Corporation regularly uses subliminal embeds to degrade society. Disney movies have had controversial issues for over 75 years, either intentionally or unintentionally displaying sexual content in their movies.

Here's just one of numerous examples:

(Look at the naked woman in the window.)

They are one of the world's most racist corporations (a lot of their movies are anti Arab). And the movie Dumbo (released in 1941) featured racist crows:

I could go on and on about Disney. And it's not good.

I warned my wife that if she continued onto Orlando, I would go public with my knowledge while she was away.

I thought for sure, she'd cave in, but she didn't.

And as my family went south without me, I went public for the very first time on Paula Gloria's Rabbit Hole Central TV... forward about 10 minutes in to hear me:

Exactly 9 months and 8 days later, I launched this website. And I haven't looked back since.

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