Why are scientists (almost) always wrong about science?

It is kind of sad that it takes a washed-up comedian to ask the obvious question on science.

Here is Norm McDonald talking with Larry King about why scientists are always wrong:

Here is the punchline about science

In most cases, science is used to trick us into making really bad decisions.

Science is a religion.

Because it has us take non-stop leaps of faith.

We instantly recognize these high priests of science. They typically wear white lab coats and have diplomas hanging in their offices.

Super secretive NGOs (Non-governmental Organizations) work hand in hand with the science industry. NGOs fund them with cash grants to push agendas.

And the culture creation industry like moviemakers, the news – even science fiction novelists brainwash us into believing science is the only authority on any subject.

Empirical evidence should confirm what scientists claim

If we were to drop 100,000 fresh eggs from the top of the Empire State building and 100% of them break, we can empirically state fresh eggs break when dropped from over 1,000 feet up in the sky in New York City.

No dispute, right?

When we bite into 100 organic apples, they all start to brown within hours.

Even an average dude like me gets it.

Yet scientists can never agree on even the simple stuff.

For example, some scientists say eggs are good for us. Others say they are bad.

Doctors say cholesterol is bad for us – even though most of our brain and sperm are made entirely of cholesterol.

Wine is good. Wine is bad.

Low carb good. Low carb bad.

Soy is good. Soy is bad.

I could go on and on with similar “scientific” findings.

Show me the money

The reality is, most scientists and experts get grant money.

Where I live, we call this a bribe.

Grants ALWAYS have strings attached. There are 0% exceptions.

So when the soy industry wants positive news, the soy industry offers scientists a big, fat cash grant.

Because the truth is, soy is one of the most lethal products ever genetically modified.

(Shame on you Whole Foods for being Soy Central.)

Any scientist claiming soy is good for us should be jailed for crimes against humanity.

But instead, they are rewarded with lots of dough ray me.

Most scientists lose sleep over the ethics of grant money.

But the pay is good.

The cash is big.

And ethics fly out the window.

Introducing the “appeal to authority” logical fallacy

It is so hard to resist…

We have been trained to respect those wearing a white lab coat.

(Is it not interesting that a butcher wears the same outfit?)

This “appeal to authority” blocks our critical thinking skills.

We accept science as right no matter how wrong it is.

And as a result, we get tricked into making really bad decisions.

Here is the punchline about scientists (for me)

I almost never take experts and scientists seriously.

And this makes me sad. Because I want to beLIEve them.

I always invest a few moments following the money. Because if a scientist receives a grant, I lose all trust in his/her findings.

As a result, I have been forced to become my own scientist of sorts…

Instead of listening to all the wrong experts and gurus…

I carefully experiment on my own. My science involves my own critical thinking skills.

And I publish my scientific outcomes here.

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