How to hire a car buying service to get great cars cheaper

UPDATE: I no longer recommend using a car buying service. I just found out they often get kickbacks from car dealerships. This means we are not getting the lowest price for a new car. Instead, I recommend reading this article I just published about buying (or leasing) a new car using email to save at least 20% off.

We all know buying a car is stressful and time consuming.

So much is at stake:

Pay too much and you feel ripped off and embarrassed. Plus, we do not want to admit to our friends and family that we got a bad deal.

And buying a car is a huge waste of time – most spend up to 6 hours in a dealer’s showroom.

And we fret, “Is my credit good enough to get me a car at a good rate?”

All this worry and hassle leads to stress and misery.

If you hate the idea of negotiating with a dealer to buy a new car, a car-buying service is often a savvier, money-saving solution for you.

Or even if you are capable of negotiating a good deal, but would rather not deal with the hassles – a trusted car buying service might be for you.

What are the benefits and advantages of buying a car with a broker?

A growing number of car buyers are finding out that a car buying service is faster, easier and less expensive than traditional car buying.

Here are the top benefits and advantages of using a car buying service:

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