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How to do your own teeth scaling at home & skip the dentist

As I get older, I am discovering our mouths are the gateway to our health.

Unfortunately, I have had many bad experiences with dentists over the decades:

Dentists convince us into accepting expensive, dangerous (and often unneeded) root canals…

Dentists love to pull teeth unnecessarily…

They even use high-pressure schemes to convince us toxic fluoride pills are good for our teeth (in fact, one of the most respected medical journals now admits fluoride is a developmental neurotoxicant).

As a result, I have not been to a dentist in decades.

And my younger sons have not been to one in many years.

Instead, I take dentistry into my own hands.

I find great oral health relies on:

1) A healthy diet of real, whole foods …
2) Daily bacterial flushes (I swish with coconut oil daily) …
3) Weekly teeth scaling.

Yes, I scale my teeth at home.

And since I do it 10 minutes weekly, teeth scaling does not hurt.

Does teeth scaling have any side effects? Yes, there is a bit of bleeding – but it is nothing serious.

We all know the cost of teeth scaling at a dental office are expensive.

Yet the cost of teeth scaling at home is zero (except for the under-$15 cost of a teeth-scaling kit).

This video shows you how to scale your teeth at home:

And this video reveals how to do deep teeth scaling:

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