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How to treat poison ivy at home

If you ever caught poison ivy (or poison oak or poison sumac), you know it can lead to weeks of itchy pain and suffering.

But don’t fret… I stumbled upon a fix that 100% eliminates the scratch and rash almost instantly.

My 7-year old mysteriously caught poison ivy – all over his body (from head to toe).

He was great throughout it all, but I knew he was struggling – he was itching his entire body. Nonstop. It was tearing me apart.

Poison ivy produces an invisible liquid called urushiol. Up to 7 out of every 10 people are allergic to it. And as a result, exposure leads to legions and blisters.

Like most panicked parents, we literally tried EVERYTHING to help out our son’s exposure to poison ivy.

Some treatments worked better than others. But in the end, nothing permanently stopped the itch (or the spread of the blisters).

treat poison ivy

Fortunately, I stumbled upon advice that LITERALLY changed everything INSTANTLY.

Apparently, the itch is caused by invasive bacteria, not the urushiol. And this bacteria is attracted to the poison ivy’s sap like bees to honey.

It’s crucial to remove urushiol from everything – our body, clothing… even gardening tools.

We found a few drops of simple dish soap worked well to remove the urushiol from my son’s clothes. It cuts through the invisible oil and gets flushed away after a few washings.

A paste called Zanfel did a great job of quickly removing the urushiol from my son’s skin. It also put an immediate end to the itching.

But there are three problems with Zanfel. First, it’s EXTREMELY expensive – I paid close to $40.00 for a tiny tube of it. Also, it’s not widely available… I tried three different drug stores before I was able to get it. (Apparently it sells out quickly.)

Now here’s the interesting part. The inventor of Zanfel was an employee of an industrial hand cleaning company. It sold a product called Mean Green Hand Scrub. He accidentally discovered that this hand cleaning “goop” clung to the invisible urushiol oil and washed away… and thus Zanfel was born…

… Since then, he’s slightly reformulated the paste and sues anyone who tries emulate it. In fact, several big-name drug stores have been forced to discontinue selling a knockoff version (at more than half off the Zanfel price).

The second problem is the active ingredient in Zanfel is (allegedly) highly toxic.

The third problem is it takes more than one Zanfel treatment to remove every bit of urushiol. But the tube is so small, we’re forced to buy an extra tube. Some cry foul and feel the owner of Zanfel is exploiting the public. Maybe he is, but the reality is the product works (mostly) as advertised. And most would pay almost anything to stop the intense itch of poison ivy.

If anyone in my family attracted poison ivy again, I’d skip the Zanfel and use plain ol’ dish soap to cut through the urushiol – I understand it does a bang up job at a fraction of the price. Simply head into the shower and message a few drops of dish soap into our hand – apply and rinse. Repeat a few times. This cuts through most of the poison ivy’s invisible sap.

Once the urushiol is mostly eliminated, it’s time to blow that pesky bacteria from leaching onto the remaining traces of urushiol…

… Believe it or not, this coconut oil fits the bill.

While I don’t believe in miracles, rubbing coconut oil on the skin performed a “miracle like” healing. The itch stops INSTANTLY. And over just a couple of days, all signs of poison ivy rashes and legions disappeared. It’s like it never happened.

Dealing with poison ivy is a stressful, exhausting and expensive ordeal. But armed with just a few drops of plain ol’ dish soap and some good-quality coconut oil, we were able to fight off the wrath of poison ivy almost instantly.

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