two dollar bill

Tipping with crisp two dollar bills no longer fits the bill

I loved the idea of rewarding good service with a two dollar bill.

I got this idea from James Altucher’s list of tips.

He suggested tipping with two dollar bills.

I tried this for exactly a month.

And the experiment failed – at least it did for me.

The concept is simple:

Tip with a two dollar bill to stand out from the crowd.


Weird. My cool tips did not go over well…

But tipping with a two dollar bill produced a wide range of surprisingly negative feelings.

Most people did not even notice the unusual cash.

They quickly grabbed it into their pocket like is was an ordinary dollar bill.

I handed a two dollar bill to one guy. He did not even look at it. Instead, he threw it into the common tip jar near the cash register.

Most people getting my two-dollar tip thought it was fake money.

Some who received my two-dollar tips were disappointed…

When I asked, they said they felt guilty about getting it… forced to save it (instead of spending it).

But the worst part of tipping two-dollar bills was the hassle factor…

Since these bills are no longer in print, it is hard to acquire ’em.


There is a better way to have our tips stand out

A few times a year, I hand out lotto tickets – like Tic Tacs.

The return on this investment is HUGE:

Everyone remembers me. And in a good way.

Sometimes people win. And that is awesome.

My small investment pays me back in spades.

For example:

When I eat at my favorite hamburger joint (Five Guys), I get twice… sometimes triple the amount of fries for the price of a small.

When I order super-thin cheese from my grocer’s deli, I get it sliced perfectly staggered for easy separation. I do not even have to ask.

Almost every time I eat out, I get super awesome service.

The people who deliver my mail hit my house first.

Even emergency electricians rush to my house when a storm knocks out the power. Yes. I give them lotto tickets, too.

Handing out one-dollar lotto tickets are a win/win situation – my favorite.

Bye bye two-dollar bills. We were never meant to be.

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