WD-40 tips

15 weird and useful ways to exploit WD-40 lubricant spray

WD-40 (the original name was Water Displacement #40) is quite versatile.

Besides getting rid of our squeaky door jambs, we can:


Remove stuck Lego pieces

Spray the stuck part to lubricate and make it easier to pull apart.


Loosen a stuck zipper

Spray on the stuck area and wiggle the zipper up and down.


Clean and lubricate guitar strings

After playing, spray on WD-40 on a rag, and wipe the rag over the strings. This also helps prevent corrosion.


Preserve your jack-o-lantern

After carving, spray your pumpkin liberally with WD-40 to add a protective coating.

(If you plan on using a candle, wait at least 24 hours before spraying.)


Remove sticky stuff

Just spray WD-40 on stickers, decals and price tags. Wait about 30 seconds. Then peel it off.

It even removes all traces of duct tape.


Make shoveling easier

Spray shovel with WD-40 so dirt and snow slides off easily.


Keep pigeons away

Spray your roof/balcony/patio furniture with WD-40 (they hate the smell).


Unstick gum from hair and carpet

Spray WD-40 directly on the gum.

Wait a little bit and pull the gum free.


Splinter-free wood tool handles

Rub WD-40 directly on the wood.


Clean, lubricate and protect in one spray

Spray WD-40 directly on the furniture and buff with a soft cloth.


Remove black scuff marks off kitchen floor

You do not have to scrub nearly as hard to get them off… just make sure to wash off after use.


Remove dead-bug remains from your car

Do not delay… bug guts eat away from the finish of your car if not removed quickly.


Great for umbrellas

Spray the stem to make it easier to open and close.


Whiteboard cleaner

Spray some WD-40 into a folded paper towel and rub out stubborn marker stains.


Prevent flower pots from sticking together when stacked

Just spray the sides.


Special thanks: Yumi Sakugawa

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