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If I were a betting man (and I'm not), I'd bet the farm that Esperanto is going to challenge English as the world's most spoken international business language.

What is Esperanto?

It's a language invented in 1887 that's starting to regain popularity.

It's estimated just tens of thousands of people worldwide speak fluent Esperanto. Up to a few million are able to communicate in Esperanto. Militaries around the world use Esperanto as a secret, coded language.

Yet Google just added Esperanto to their translation service - that tells me mastering this language could boost the value of our resumes... especially for the global job market.

Some say that students mastering Esperanto as a secondary language first tend to learn a third faster and easier (than if they had learned another language instead)...

... This makes sense, because Esperanto is a mix of Spanish, Latin and Greek all as one.

If you're into equal rights, Esperanto might not be to your liking... the language is heavily masculine by default (and only feminine when so specified).

Here are a few Esperanto sentence examples:

Where is the bathroom?
Kie estas la necesejo?

I love pizza.
Mi amas picon.

I went to the airport by taxi.
Mi iris al la flughaveno per taksio.

It's a windy day.
Estas venta tago.

Pass me the salt, please.
Transdonu al mi la salon, mi petas.

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