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Every time you get a manicure, it seems the nail lady insists on snipping away our cuticles.

The only benefit of cuticle trimming is cosmetic. It gives off a cleaner, more polished look to the hands.

Having your cuticles trimmed regularly causes them to grow back faster... often requiring an extra visit to the nail bar (at an extra price). Now you know why cuticle cutting is pushed aggressively.

But cuticles have a purpose - to protect the nail bed from dirt and harmful bacteria. When infection occurs around the base of the nail (called a paronychia), it's ugly (and worse it's painful).

Many people report getting bloody cuticles after having a manicure, but they are too embarrassed to complain. A bloody visit is a surefire sign of an inexperienced "beauty therapist."

Even worse, some nail salons use trimming tools that haven't been sterilized. Time pressures (such as late appointments and inpatient clients) is a toxic recipe... and the tools don't get properly cleaned (even at the most expensive salons) - and this ups the chances of getting an infection.

Some have extremely dried out cuticles. Many rave about Burts Bees Cuticle cream (it is not cheap, but I understand it is awesome).

If you must, ask to have your cuticles pushed back. And when ordering, don't ask for a manicure. Instead, ask for a "file and polish."

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